Sail To The Most Exciting Places With A Blue Cruise In Turkey

Sail To The Most Exciting Places With A Blue Cruise In Turkey
Sail To The Most Exciting Places With A Blue Cruise In Turkey

Sail To The Most Exciting Places With A Blue Cruise In Turkey

Sail To The Most Exciting Places With A Blue Cruise In Turkey. During the Blue Cruise in Turkey, most of the places you visit are the wealth of civilizations and nature. To name just a few they are the private beach of Cleopatra, Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, ancient city Caunos and Telmessos, the important hiding place for the Royal navy English Harbour, the archeological remains of ancient civilizations, that had also remained under sea.

Only Blue Cruise will give you the chance to discover!

If you hire a yacht, you are free to make up your itinerary as you go along and may use these itineraries as a guideline for your own charter holiday or perhaps even combine them to form an interesting two-week itinerary. Your skipper acts as a valuable advisory source and can guide you to some of the area’s lesser-known treasures. If you prefer you are welcome to use one of our “tried and true” charter plans, or have us create an original itinerary based on your expectations for the cruise.

The term “Blue Cruise” in Turkey refers to a popular type of recreational cruise that typically takes place along the southwestern coast of Turkey, particularly in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Blue Cruises are known for their scenic beauty, serene waters, and opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Blue Cruise Routes

Blue Cruises in Turkey often follow specific routes along the coastline, including the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts and the Greek islands. Common starting points include towns like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, and Antalya.

Gulet Cruises

Gulets are traditional wooden Turkish sailing vessels that are commonly used for Blue Cruises. They are known for their distinctive design, with two or three masts and spacious decks. Gulets come in various sizes to accommodate different group sizes, from small groups to larger parties.

Scenic Beauty

One of the primary attractions of Blue Cruises is the stunning natural beauty of the Turkish coastline. Cruisers can enjoy picturesque bays, crystal-clear waters, lush green hills, and historic ruins along the way.

Blue Cruise Activities

Blue Cruises offer a variety of activities for travelers. These may include swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, fishing, and exploring coastal towns and historical sites.

Culinary Delights

Cruisers can savor delicious Turkish cuisine onboard, often prepared by skilled chefs. Fresh seafood, local dishes, and meze (appetizers) are commonly served.

Blue Cruise Meals on Board
Blue Cruise Meals on Board

Blue Cruise Historical Sites

Many Blue Cruise routes pass by or include visits to historical sites such as ancient cities, rock tombs, and Byzantine ruins, adding a cultural element to the experience.

Flexible Duration

Blue Cruises can vary in duration, with options ranging from a few days to a week or longer. The flexibility allows travelers to choose a cruise that suits their preferences and schedule.


Blue Cruises are often seen as a way to unwind and escape the stresses of daily life. The tranquil atmosphere, gentle sea breeze, and beautiful surroundings contribute to a relaxed and rejuvenating experience.

Blue Cruise Booking

Travelers can book Blue Cruises through tour operators, travel agencies, or charter a private gulet. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during the peak summer season.

Overall, Blue Cruises in Turkey offer a unique and unforgettable way to explore the stunning coastal regions of the country, combining relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration in a single trip. Whether you’re interested in sailing, swimming, or simply enjoying the natural beauty, a Blue Cruise is a fantastic way to experience the Turkish coastline.