Gocek Resort and Port
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Gocek Resort and Port

Gocek Resort and Port, This is a beautiful natural harbour at the north of Fethiye Korfezi and one of the famous stopover in the entire area. [ Read more… ]

Private Gulet Charter
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Gulet Charter Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Gulet Charter website and reviewing our privacy policy. Our privacy policy is simple: we collect no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information to us. [ Read more… ]

Blue Cruise
Gulet Charter in Turkey

Gulet Charter Contact Infortmaion

Our company has expanded to better suit our growing clientele. In spring 2007 we have moved to a new office to the main boulevard in Marmaris at Karacan Plaza across the shopping and cinema & entertainment Blue Port center. [ Read more… ]

Fethiye Oludenzi - What is Blue Cruise
Blue Cruise in Turkey

The Surprising Origin Of The Popular Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise from Marmaris Book your private Gulet to share the remarkable experience of Blue Cruise with your family of close friends. Incentive yacht tours with no fixed itinerary, generally following classical routes with modifications to accommodate individual schedules or desires. [ Read more… ]

Marmaris Marina - Blue Cruise Discovery
Blue Cruise in Turkey

Timeless Discovery Of The Popular Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise Discover Turkey’s Turquoise Coast on a yachting holiday unlike any other. Board a gulet and escape the rigours of everyday life to spend your days soaking up endless sunshine, napping, reading and relaxing, swimming in crystal waters, snorkeling, fishing and windsurfing, visiting ancient sites, whilst your crew tends to your every need. [ Read more… ]

Fethiye Resort & Port
Blue Cruise in Turkey

See Why A Gulet Cruise Is A Complete Treat

Gulet The classic Gulet blends practicality and tradition in a relaxed style that embodies the Blue Cruise. Best known for its rounded aft, low-to-the-water profile and roomy hull, was once used by fisherman and sponge divers to transport their catch. [ Read more… ]