Taskaya – Bedri Rahmi Bay

Taskaya - Bedri Rahmi Bay
Taskaya Bedri Rahmi Bay

Taskaya – Bedri Rahmi Bay

Taskaya – Bedri Rahmi Bay is located to the NE of Taskaya Island. Taskaya is a popular destination in Gocek.

There are several anchorages in this large cove. The depth is 10-15m. Boats drop anchor and take a line ashore. A bay next to the jetty and the NW corner are suitable anchorages. The water is very clear and the surroundings are beautiful. A low finger on the NW corner with Lycian ruins extends and has a pretty beach where you can anchor or go stern to the restaurant’s T-pier among pine and oleander trees. This pier can accommodate up to 25 boats. There is a hairdressing salon inside the restaurant. This side is also an attractive spot with steep surroundings covered with pine and olive trees.

On the starboard side, as you enter, there is a fountain with clean water where you can fill your tanks. You will also see the symbol of Taskaya. Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu was one of the first modern sailors to discover Gocek. He painted a fish figure on the rocks here and made a remarkable contribution to the promotion of the Blue Voyage concept in Turkey. Look up and you will see the dragon mosaics on the rocks made by Azra Erhat, who also worked hard to encourage sailors to come and see the paradise. You will also notice Lycian sarcophagi on the steep cliffs and the rough path leading to the village of Kilisebelen.

There is curative spring water near the restaurant and its inhabitants come in the summer. Taskaya is an attractive destination for visitors with its scenery.