Kadirga Bay

kadirga Bay
kadirga Bay

Kadirga Bay ( Kadırga Koyu )

Kadirga bay is an indented bay to the west of Marmaris Gulf, north of Kadirga Cape where there is a lighthouse.

The mouth of the bay is clear. There is a small rock at the entrance on the northern side. To the north of this rock there is a depth of 9 metres, which is not an obstacle to passage.

The cove is green with pine trees and macchia. It is sheltered from the wind and south, open to the sunrise and mild winds.

The cove is deep at the entrance and becomes shallower as it approaches the west coast. In the south-west, west and north-west, anchor 10-15 metres off the coast and stay offshore. It is also possible to go ashore from the land and ashore from the stern.

To the south-east, steep cliffs form a natural diving platform for jumping into the deep water in front of them. There are pebble beaches at the ends of the coves to the west and north-west.

In the northeast of Kadırga Bay there is a small depression. The bottom of the place where a boat can enter is covered with white pebbles. Be careful when anchoring.

Kadırga Bay is almost in the middle of the open sea. The movement outside can be felt from the boats. Although it gets wind from the low hills to the west and south, it is very sheltered.

As this bay is in the cruising area of the Marmaris tour boats, it can be crowded between 11.00-16.00. Outside these hours it is quiet. There is no road connection, it is quiet. The sea is very clean but cool, the ground structure is perfect. In the Kadirga area there are beautiful places where diving boats can go. Underwater photography competitions are held in these waters.